I was born and raised in a small New Joisey (I mean Jersey) town about 30 minutes from New York City. It was a great place to grow up. I especially liked going to the Jersey Shore during the summer with my family and friends. The only problem was that the weather often got too cold to go to the beach. Bummer!


Then one day I learned of a magical land called California. It was far, far away from New Jersey, but the weather there was supposedly always warm and sunny and the beaches were beautiful. Could such a place truly exist? I had to find out.


So I packed my bags and headed west. I drove past mountains and deserts and prairies, oh my! Eventually I reached a sign that said “Welcome to California,” and the rest is history. I now live in a sunny town called Long Beach with my amazing wife and two incredible daughters.


Ever since I was a kid, I loved to write. I wrote my first book, The Adventures of Andy the Ant, when I was seven years old. Sadly, it never got published (perhaps because it was written in crayon), but that didn’t stop me from trying.


One day I read about something called the General Mills/Simon and Schuster New Author Contest. It was for people like me who liked to write books, but had never been published. I submitted three different stories. Incredibly, one of them (Henry Hyena, Why Won’t You Laugh?) was chosen to be the winner. It was so exciting. Not only would my story be turned into a book, but it would also be available in millions of boxes of Cheerios. Pretty crazy, huh?


I hope someday that my other stories will also be turned into books. Until then, I will keep writing and enjoying the weather here in magical California. Thanks for visiting my site!