Other Stories (Not Yet Published)


Below is a sampling of some other stories that I have written, the first two being sequels to Henry Hyena. Perhaps these will be turned into books in the future too. 



1. Rizzly, the Grizzly, Why Won't You Sleep?


Synopsis: The first winter winds have arrived at the zoo and the grizzlies are stuffing their bellies as they prepare to hibernate. However, one young cub named Rizzly decides that there’s just too many fun things to do in the snow, so his long nap will just have to wait. But try as he might to stay awake, poor Rizzly keeps dozing off. Perhaps a visit with Dr. Long, the zoo’s wise old giraffe, will help Rizzly find a cure for his drowsiness. 


2. Rita the Cheetah, Why Won't You Run


Synopsis: It’s the day of the Great Zoo Race and all the animals at the zoo are excited…well, almost all of them. “Away from the buzz, alone in a tree, a cheetah named Rita sits nervously.” Even though cheetahs are known to be the fastest runners, Rita prefers reading books and strolling slowly through the zoo. She desperately wants to get out of the race, but her parents are counting on her to win. Will a visit with Dr. Long, the zoo’s wise old giraffe, help Rita figure out what to do?


3. Two Minutes More


Synopsis: Olivia Moore is so many things...a glamorous princess, a sparkling fairy, a refined hostess, a famed archaeologist, a dazzling gymnast, a melodious mermaid, a hospitable hotelier, and a master puppeteer. Not too shabby for someone who's still in elementary school. She's up at the crack of dawn every day, ready for new discoveries and adventures. But her parents' pesky requests to eat, bathe, and sleep get in the way of her fun and force her to continually beg for some extra time.



  4. The Santa Next Door


Synopsis: Santa has packed up and left the North Pole and taken up residence in a house in the 'burbs. And although something as big as this should make national headlines, nobody realizes he's there...well, almost nobody. One young boy is bound and determined to learn more and figure out what this means for the future of Christmas.


  5. If The World Was Made Of Candy


Synopsis: This story takes readers on a whimsical journey through a fantasy land where everything from the trees to the seas is a mouth-watering, decadent treat. And while such a place sounds like many a child's dream come true, is it?


  6. Sisters


Synopsis: Inspired by the adorable little princesses who rule my roost, Sisters describes a day in the life of two young girls who love each other as all sisters should. With each sentence consisting of only two syllables, Sisters is a book that says a lot without having to say much at all.



  7. Bye Bye Bubsy


Synopsis: Sally Sue and her teddy bear, Bubsy, do everything together. Whether it’s a trip to the movies or a trip to the dentist, wherever Sally goes, so too does her fabulous, furry friend. However, Bubsy is no longer the bear he once was. “His fur was quite matted. His shirt was all torn. His soft, fluffy nose was faded and worn. Why even his signature green velvet hat, was now just a play thing for Sally’s pet cat.” Then one day, Bubsy goes missing, and Sally’s search through the house comes up empty. Bubsy has gone bye-bye…or has he?  Just when she thinks all hope is lost, Sally is greeted with the surprise of a lifetime.