The Santa Next Door (Excerpt)

by Doug Jantzen



You all won't believe who I just saw today–

none other than Santa himself on his sleigh!


It's not that I saw him while watching TV–

I saw him move into the house next to me.


I know what you're thinking 'cuz I thought so too–

having Santa next door just couldn't be true.


But it is true, I swear. The house sold so quick.

And the mailbox out front said Mr. St. Nick.


He wore some dark glasses to cover his eyes,

but the rest of his body he couldn't disguise.


His beard was the color of fresh fallen snow,

and with each of his steps, he said “Ho, Ho, Ho.”


Despite his round belly, he moved with such ease.

Before I could blink, he had trimmed all the trees.


As I watched him unpack, I felt a strong tingle.

This wasn't a dream. It was really Kris Kringle.


“It's Santa!” I shouted. “Come quick, Mom! He's here.”

But all I got back was, “That's very nice dear.”


Surely my neighbors would notice him there.

But none of them did. How could they not stare?!


They watered their lawns and tended their roses

as Santa moved in right under their noses.