Two Minutes More (Excerpt)

by Doug Jantzen



Olivia Moore loves to play all day long.

She never sees life as a bore.

She leaps out of bed before anyone else

and looks for new things to explore.


Her toy chest is stuffed with dollies and trinkets–

there are just too many to name.

And though she has played with them thousands of times,

she always can make a new game.


Today she's a beautiful princess in pink

who lives up high in a tower,

and later a fairy with sparkling wings

who's barely the size of a flower.


These make-believe games can go on for hours

and leave a big mess on the floor.

But as soon as Mom says, “It's time for your nap,”

she responds, “Just two minutes more.”


“Just two minutes more and I promise I'll quit,”

Olivia begs from one knee.

“I can't sleep quite yet because me and my pets

are about to sit down for tea.”