If The World Was Made Of Candy (Excerpt)

by Doug Jantzen



If the world was made of candy,

what a great world it would be!

You could sail a boat to distant lands

across milk chocolate seas.


The grass would taste like peppermint,

the trees like candy canes.

You could catch some colored sprinkles

that fall down when it rains.


If the world was made of candy,                   

everything would be a treat.

No matter what you choose to eat,

you know it would be sweet.


The rocks would all be marshmallows,

the flowers, sweet gumdrops.

You could dance through fields of candy corn

while licking lollipops.


If the world was made of candy,

you'd have a ton of fun.

You'd jump in pools of jelly beans

and lounge on sticks of gum.


You'd play a game of double dutch

with ropes of licorice,

then visit the aquarium

to see the gummy fish.